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“Provide workers with workspaces closer to their home is the big need of today”

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Work Near Home: new workspace solutions 


Alisa Kapic is the Vice President Sales North Europe and Country Director Austria at IWG, the mother company supervising major Flex and Coworking brands in the world such as Regus, Spaces, Basepoint or Signature. Nowadays, with 3.400 locations around the world, IWG is by far the biggest provider of flexible workspace solutions on the planet. The main conclusion from the talk could be summarised by the words “Work Near Home”: new workspace solutions to come very soon.


Main takeaways

The highlights from our conversation with Alisa Kapic are summarised below:

  • IWG was also one of the first movers towards a multi-brand strategy in order to address the rising different segments surfacing in the office market, from freelancers to corporates: “Each of these brands are designed to serve the unique needs of businesses of every sizes”.
  • Regus Claarahuus, Basel (Switzerland)

    What is unique about IWG is the option that their customers have to choose everyday where they want to work from: “Flexible working offers them the possibility to increase productivity, efficiency, agility and market proximity“.

  • IWG was one of the first to invest in small cities. “I think the trend towards distributed workforce was there before Covid-19: to improve cost-efficiency, to help employees be closer where they live”.
  • IWG’s vision: “We want to have a professional place in every corner. We are spread across all European countries and we have plans to expend in tier 2 and tier 3 cities through our franchise partnering systems”.
  • Talking about distributed workforce: “Even some traditional companies are coming now to us and asking to discuss how this distributed workforce model can work for them”
  • Flexible working was on the rise before 2020: “The annual growth rate is about 13%. Flexible working is here to stay. Companies will have to adapt”.
  • Is Europe diverse when it comes to embracing flexible working solutions?: “We’ve seen pretty consistent trends across the regions when it comes to embracing flexible working. As we become a global marketplace and companies are moving easier across the globe, it becomes very clear that this unrivalled network and choice of brands and locations is going to be a key differentiating attribute
  • In the post-pandemic era, one of the main challenges to be addressed by employers is providing workspace solutions for their workers located closer to their homes.

Watch the full video conversation with Alisa Kapic below.


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