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“We will soon have the most distributed coworking offering in the city of Berlin”

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Unicorn Workspaces will soon have the most distributed coworking offering in Berlin


Inga Kayademir is the COO of Unicorn Workspaces, one of Germany’s most important coworking players with 20 locations spread around Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Potsdam. The company is coming out of the Covid-19 crisis stronger. With the opening of two new locations in Berlin during the pandemia, Unicorn Workspaces will soon have the most distributed coworking offering in Berlin. Find out more!


Main takeaways

The highlights from our conversation with Inga Kayademir are summarised below:

  • Unicorn Workspaces managed to keep most of their users by making special deals and offers: “We always try to think about what our clients need at the moment and the future. For our existing clients, we offered them to deliver their work station to their homes. To non existing clients, we offered them to work from our workspaces in the neighbourhood”.
  • In Berlin, some companies decided to split teams: “We saw the demand growing. We created a Work Week – that’s how we called it – for companies who decided to split teams“.
  • They also offered an open access for individuals who were working from home: “We tried to keep it quite simple; there was no contract, just come and work from our workspaces”
  • Talking about remote work in Germany: “Germany was in the past quite traditional. Now, I see a huge change of mind for most companies but also no one knows what the future brings so most companies try to look at the short term and look at flexible options“.
  • One of their secrets: “We have a Community Barista, a role between a community manager and a barista. They are all highly motivated people and during the crisis, for me it was perfect that I had such a great team. We tried everything to keep them motivated too; we did online yoga classes, for instance”, says Inga.
  • How to keep the culture, the vibe, in so many places when growing so fast? “We have check lists of to do’s in each space, of course, and also communications trainings: how to communicate with our clients in different situations. I think that our strength is that we are people from different cultures: we learn from each other, we have team events, smaller and big, to get to know each other and stay in contact”
  • It’s in Berlin that Unicorn Workspaces is likely the most ambitious: “The capital is a very dynamic ecosystem and we work on opening locations in every district of the city“.
  • Unicorn will complete two new locations in the coming six months: “Making us the biggest coworking operator in the city by the number of spaces“, explains Inga.

Watch the full video conversation with Inga Kayademir below.


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