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“Technology makes connecting more human-centric than ever”-Essensys

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Essensys is a leader in building software for workspace operators throughout the world. The platform aims at powering every workspace operator’s business, allowing them to grow by automating processes from lead to cash and everything in between. The Essensys software also provides an active community interface that serves as a global networking and member directory, a social feed, and a communication tool for events, announcements, and operator-to-member and member-to-member messaging.

We interviewed Steve Eveleigh, CMO of Essensys, one of the main partners for this year’s Coworking Europe conference.

Hi, Steve. You provide a digital workplace management platform. How do you make sure that your tool remains as “human-centric” as possible?

There is a misconception that technology removes the human element.

In our ten years’ experience, we’ve seen operators hindered by the complexity of running their workspaces. Consumed by manual billing and invoicing, mundane administrative tasks and clunky IT management, operators spend little time in the workspace with their members. Our platform resolves the problem of inefficient processes and the need to juggle multiple vendors, contracts and systems in a way that gives operators more time to focus on their customer relationships and the member experience in their center.  essensys london

Our software not only makes managing the coworking space easier and more efficient so operators can spend more time with their members. It also provides a digital community platform for all. Members can take ownership and initiative in building the community that they want with the ability to connect and grow relationships within their workspace community platform.

Connecting, co-collaborating and building professional and social bonds is easier and more human-centric than ever.

What improvements has workplace tech made over the last years and what can still be worked on? 

As we said, Technology has saved operators time, money and resources giving them the chance to engage more with their customers.  Without a reliable IT infrastructure underpinning the operation, operators wouldn’t be able to support all of the applications and devices their members are using daily.
Comprehensive software and integrated systems are being leveraged to offer on-demand services to workspace members. Greater flexibility and 24/7 access to workspace services give members greater flexibility and access to services from anywhere at any time.

There is the belief that with the more technology that enters the workplace, the more we will value and improve human relations. Do you agree?

At Essensys, we have platforms that give workspace members the ability to see and connect with other professionals within their community, giving them new collaboration and business opportunities they wouldn’t have had in a traditional office or working from home.

We definitely believe that the social aspect of these connections in the workspace is what gives greater and improved value to human relations and interconnectivity and today’s workplace.

You serve both. What are some of the differences you see between coworking spaces and serviced offices based on their needs?

While Coworking and serviced/executive offices are essentially delivering the same sort of service – a physical place where people can work – they are intrinsically different in terms of how the services are delivered.

Coworking operators are much more focused on the individual members whereas serviced offices are working with multiple smaller groups of people, small to medium sized companies. The main variation in needs is that serviced offices are much more dependent upon complex infrastructure to support a larger space divided into smaller private offices, multiple conference rooms for groups to work together.

While coworking operators also require tools that simplify site management, they put more value on the tools that can help them manage their individual members and the community as a group, rather than multiple small groups, and then enable those people to work together.

The future of work is in progress. What would you say might be needed in the future from the perspective of software management tools? Is Essensys planning to add additional services?

The ability to connect shared workspaces across the globe and enable digital natives to work more flexibly from wherever and whenever they want is where the future of work is heading. Software management tools must define how to underpinning that network to support collaboration and a global community of workers.
Essensys has already begun laying the framework for this network and it won’t be long before our platform is powering the global shared workspace industry.

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