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Take part in the Coworking Europe 2016 Awards contest !

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For the first time, the Coworking Europe conference organizes a double Awards contest open to the international Coworking community.

We created two categories which are representative of some the most important fields making coworking successful : Community Building and Workspace Design.

Rewards related to both Awards will be more than 3.000€ worth each. Check out the details below. 

1. Best Coworking Community Action Award

The Best Coworking Community Action Award will reward an original action taken by a coworking space which  helped to strenghten the space’s community, improved the common understanding and tights between members, helped to make personal connections more organic, brought added value to the members and more engagement with the outside ecosystem, or created a clearer identity and set of values with a measurable outcome.

2. Best Coworking Design Award

The Best Coworking Design Award will reward the most original space design, taking into account parameters such as the esthetic, the message behind the design, the overall coherence of the project with respect to the identity of the space and its positioning or an innovative layout concept which offers new perspectives and a smart way to distribute productive, chillout or collaboration zones.


You can apply to take part in the Award contest for one or both categories.


Application process

Who can apply ?

Coworking spaces from Europe, mainly, however applications from the rest of the world will be warmly welcomed too.
The Coworking Europe organisation team only keep the right to filter out application coming from player ways outside the broad understanding of what a coworking space is nowaday (no consistent sense of identity or community, for instance).

How to apply ?

The process is simple. In the form below, choose the category you aim to apply for. In 10 or 15 lines maximum, explain the action you have taken which was impactful in terms of community building, according to you or what is the philisophy and what makes the design of your space uniquely special.
On top of the short paragrapher, supply a weblink to a link where pictures either of the action or of the space design are to be seen (image gallery on a website, Picasa, Facebook Album, Pinterest, whatever). Ideally between 5 and 10 pictures.

Who will make the decision on the Award ?

The attendees of the Coworking Europe conference will compose the jury of the contest. All delegates will have access to the list of applications to each Award as well as to a voting system availble on the event App. The applications which gonna receive the highest number of votes will be granted the Award.

Where one can see the application ?

Once the deadline for application will be over, all the applications and all the spaces who will have submitted an application to the Award Contest will be displayed on the Coworking Europe website. The page of the Award application will be openly accessible for everyone online.

What is the deadline to apply ?

The last day to submit the application to the award will be November 25th.

Are there any rewards  ?

Rewards related to both Awards will be more than 3.000€ worth each and made out of : 6 months free usage of the ESSENSYS platform, 12 months free access of the KISI smartlocking system, 1 place at Coworkation Catalunya as well as two free entrances to Coworking Europe 2017.

The two laureates will be individually promoted on all our online channels. All applications will also be displayed and made visible with the name of each applying spaces on a same location on our online platform.

With the support of :

The Best Coworking Community Action Award 2016 will be attributed on behalf of Coworking Europe/ and of our Platinum sponsor Essensys.



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