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Social Workplace will make the traditional office absolete

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“Individuals are more productive and satisfied when surrounded by a supportive community and the traditional office space has failed to consider our natural need for socialization and communication. Thus, the emergence of coworking is in many ways an answer to our desire to be closer to our peers, both emotionally and professionally.”

The Harvard Business Review wrote the statement in its september 2015’s edition.


It is reflective of the tectonic shift which is to hit the traditional office market. As the workforce becomes more distributed and as production tools have moved to the cloud, nowadays, modern workers expect something else from a workspace than an infrastructure.


It’s not about fancy designs (only)

As the Harvard Business Review stresses, the modern workplace needs to deliver a sense of authenticity and meaningfulness. It has to create an identity and the feeling of belonging to a unique circle of people, fitting with people’s personal and professional values.
Yes, a more convivial lay-out is a first step toward bringing a work environment better suited to the time. However, fancy designs and colorful items isn’t enough to change the culture of a space.

Empathy, hospitality, community management…

Workspace managers need to endorse socially enabling approaches, understand and learn new skills do they want to keep the first choice of modern tenants and employees. For the last 8 years, coworking spaces operators have been successfully developing and implementing the new set of actions fulfilling the social needs and expectations of the new generation of workers.

The question is not whether you have to embrace to socially enabled workplace, but how fast and authentically will you be able to implement it to stay in the playing field.


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