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SmartOffice and KantoorKaravaan: Winners of the Coworking Europe Awards

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For the first time ever, Coworking Europe hosted the Coworking Europe Awards in 2016. The event included two categories, one for best design and one for best community action. Spaces and operators submitted their concepts and projects to be voted on by the coworkers from around the world. The awards allowed for Coworking Europe to showcase some of the top initiatives taking place today in the global coworking community.

The winners were judged on the range of innovative steps taken towards their unique design, or actions towards community building. This year’s Coworking Europe Awards also honored the winners with prizes worth more than 3.000€. Awards included 6 months free membership on the ESSENSYS platform and 12 months usage of the KISI smart-locking system for your space free of charge. In addition to practical tools, Coworking Europe also providence a placement on a Coworkation trip to Barcelona and two tickets to Coworking Europe 2017.

Smart Office takes home first prize for the Coworking Community Action Award 

The winner of this year’s Best Community Action Award was presented at the Coworking Europe Conference in Brussels, to Miroslav Mijatov, founder of Smart Office in Belgrade, Serbia. Smart Office recently expanded their space and network by moving into a new space in the city center in the Serbia capital. In addition to physical growth, Smart Office also extended their community by reaching out to those in need. The award was presented to the Smart Office community for their initiative to help refugees and displaced persons by using their community and resources.

Miroslav Mijatov, winner of the Best Community Action Award.

Miroslav Mijatov, winner of the Best Community Action Award.

In his presentation of the project, Miroslav explained that as Serbia is both a country in transition and a hub for refugees and immigrants, the Smart Office sees these changes not in a negative light, but an opportunity to garner community spirit and offer support. Their event, titled “Refugee Fundraiser – Quiz Night”, grew and strengthened the Smart Office community, opening their doors to those who had nowhere to go for quiz and games night.

Smart Office members also had the option to bring donations, including clothing, hygiene items, food and water, packaging, baby products, blankets and other items. Ultimately, their actions also brought in donations, which enabled the space to provide 100 meals for those in need. Not only was this initiative fueled by doing something for the greater good, but also strengthened the Smart Office team. Today they are recognized as a coworking space where members value generosity and genuine community building.

KantoorKaravaan wins Best Coworking Design Award

It’s hard to pick just which coworking space has the best design. Coworking spaces by nature are innovative, imaginative and flexible, and just like coworking communities, they all have their own special touch. This yeah at the first Coworking Europe Design Awards, the winner brought us something pretty unique: mobile coworking. Kontoorkaravaan provides coworking offices that are on the go. Setting up shop in converted caravans, the fully equipped coworking caravans are integrated with the great outdoors, making scenic stops along the way.



Kontoorkaravaan hails from the Netherlands, but currently has coworking stations setup in various locations. The caravans are designed to have offices that face the great outdoors, allowing coworkers to enjoy the view and stay focused. Kontoorkaravaan also accommodates larger groups, with mobile workstations with large tables for meetings and group work. At the end of a productive day, coworkers set up a full camp with different caravans and tables in the middle.

The Coworking Europe Awards were sponsored by Essensys






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