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SleevesUp: “Risk management is becoming the first reason why employers are considering coworking”

by | May 6, 2020 | Coworking, Podcast, Rural coworking | 0 comments

Sebastian Schmidt is the CEO of SleevesUp, a family owned coworking spaces network in Germany. SleevesUp is one of the few independent brands in Germany with a big network that operates 11 small locations from Frankfurt to Aachen. Learn more about them in the following interview.


Main takeaways

Here a few main takeaways from our conversation with Sebastian:

  • Companies in Germany have started to consider coworking as a workplace option due to the Covid-19 crisis: “From the talks we are currently having, companies are starting to consider coworking as a valid option while dealing with the current uncertainty. It’s more the risk management that drives their reflection, for the moment, not yet the will to embrace the new informal work culture of the startup world, nor CO2 footprint. It could change, though.”
  • Each SleevesUp space is typically 1,000 sqm big, on purpose: “Too big spaces make it difficult for people to know one another and require a lot of efforts to connect members. When the proximity is well balance, all tenants know one another rapidly. The community is self-generated and people take initiative to organize events or actions fitting better with their concerns and wishes”.
  • SleevesUp is very keen to develop its offering in suburban areas in Germany: “Germany is made out of SME spread overall the territory. We need to see the coworking offering present in those areas to bring them into the idea that coworking can definitely be an option for them”.

Find below the podcast version of the interview to find out more about SleevesUp, coworking in Germany and the ideas Sebastian has shared with us.


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