Flex Workspace Client Survey Europe 2020

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Flexible Workspace Client Survey 2020 is the result of the MatchOffice work. Learn more about general tendencies in view of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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Flex Workspace Client Survey Europe 2020



Flexible Workspace: Client Survey Europe 2020


Flexible Workspace Client Survey 2020 is the result of the MatchOffice work asking clients of European serviced offices how they feel about the workspace they currently occupy and what services they value the most. They found out the general tendencies in view of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more about it in the following lines.

The never before seen shift to home-working, that emerged in 2020, put operators in the position where they have to adjust to the new norms and regulations. Access to many services that were provided previously is now restricted. Workspaces are now introducing more private zones that allow social distancing and implementing strict sanitisation. Businesses are trying to stay afloat and thus are looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions.

We are living in strange and unpredictable times and it is interesting to see what the future holds for serviced offices. At the moment, many clients completely moved out or significantly downsized their office space. However, companies still need to make use of a business address, meeting rooms, call and mail handling. And this is where workspaces step in. Lastly, individual entrepreneurs and small companies will likely continue using the benefits of serviced offices.


Table of contents on the flexible workspace client survey 2020


Find below the table of contents included in the MatchOffice Client Survey, conducted for the sixth consecutive year.

  • Have you ever used a serviced office?
  • What sort of contract do you have?
  • How many people from your firm are using your serviced office?
  • Do you plan to renew your contract?
  • What length of contract did you sign?
  • Which of your office’s facilities do you use?
  • Which services are the most important to you?
  • What are the disadvantages of serviced offices?
  • What made you choose a serviced office over a traditional one?
  • Why did you choose the serviced office you currently use?
  • What would inwcrease the value of your serviced office?
  • How well does your serviced office meet your expectations?


MatchOffice presents the flexible workspace client survey 2020


Over 1000 clients from 23 countries took part in our survey. Download the results to find out the clients’ perspective on renting a serviced office under the conditions of a global pandemic.


Insightful report by MatchOffice


  • Jakob Dalhoff, CEO at MatchOffice (Copenhagen). MatchOffice is one of Europe’s leading commercial real estate brokers, cooperating with flexible workspaces since 2004. Almost 7,000 flexible workspaces are represented on their global website, and the number is increasing rapidly.

Jakob Dalhoff: “A virtual office gives your business a prominent address, you can use a meeting room when you need a brainstorming session and have your calls and mail handled. All of this allows you to look professional at an affordable price point”


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