Flex Office Report – Spain 2021

by Proworkspaces

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Flex office report – Spain 2021 by ProWorkspaces and Cushman & Wakefield. A new model for a new context. Download the results below.

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Flex Office Report – Spain 2021



Flex Office Report – Spain 2021


What is the situation of the Flex Workspace market in Spain in the beginning of the year 2021 after the Covid-19 pandemia hit the coworking industry in 2020? Download the Flex Office Report – Spain 2021 above to find out the overall results.

Context: The current decline in economic activity and a marked increase in teleworking, has meant coworking and flexible workspace operators have significantly scaled back their acquisition programmes, a drop in volume that is in line with the office sector in general.

In 2020, a total of 9.120 sqm have been transacted in Barcelona and 2.427 sqm in Madrid – a decrease of 87% and 96% respectively, according to the insight which focuses on analyzing survey results on flexible workspaces prepared by Cushman & Wakefield, and the flexible workspace association, ProWorkspaces.




Flex office report: Table of contents


Find below the table of contents included in the flexible workspace report.

  • What is the new context for office use?
  • What is the latest market data in cities like Barcelona and Madrid?
  • What are the new occupancy trends?
  • What is the current valuation of flexible workspace?
  • What’s next?


Client Survey 2020 by ProWorkspaces 


This is the third consecutive year in which the flexible workspace association, ProWorkspaces, has invited its affiliates to answer a series ok key questions in order to understand the use of these types of spaces and the trends for the sector over the coming months in Spain.

The results of the survey are fundamental in the current circumstances, in a year in which uncertainty is affecting all sectors. The survey is an essential tool in order to provide a context for the flex space industry and its circumstances.


Insightful report by ProWorkspaces on the flex office situation in Spain on 2021


Eduardo Salsamendi: “Flexible workspace operators have demonstrated from the outset of the pandemic a great capacity to adapt to market changes and a remarkable ability to offer their customers what they need at all times, following strict security measures and maintaining affordable costs to ensure their members can maintain their business activities”


Ramiro Rodríguez: “The fall in space acquisition is due to the context in which we find ourselves and the boom in the sector in recent years, which means that the flexible workspace market is entering a state of maturity where it is necessary to make the spaces profitable”. Head of Research of Cushman & Wakefield in Spain.


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Eduardo Salsamendi is the president of ProWorkspaces, the Spanish association of flexible workspaces. Olga Fomenko is head of the marketing team for MatchOffice. Both organisations released reports on market data for the flex workspace industry. The least one can say, is that the drop in take-up and contract duration has been very steep. The coworking market and the flex workspace industry might have been hurt harder in 2020-2021 than we thought. A conversation on the charts and forecasts with the publishers of both reports.


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