The Garage: A Pan-african coworking initiative (2015)

by Coworking Europe

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The Garage is a Pan-African coworking initiative. The Garages evolved out of a combination of Kresten Buch’s need for office space which could cater to the needs of tech startups and the observed lack of such spaces in the cities where 88MPH ran their programmes. The number of spaces in the group has grown over the years, and each space has developed its own partnerships and niches, based on the unique characteristics of each market. The first space was in Cape Town, followed by Nairobi, with the latest addition being Lagos in 2014. These slides were used in a presentation given by Dante Roets at Coworking Africa 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa.

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The Garage: A Pan-african coworking initiative (2015)


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