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“Occupancy is back in our Bratislava coworking spaces!”

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Coworking, Flex Workspace, Impact, Podcast | 0 comments

A coworking space with childcare services in Bratislava


Michala Hrnčiarová is the founder of Coworking Cvernovka, a small coworking space that offers childcare services located in the suburb of Bratislava, Slovakia. In February 2020 just before the Covid-19 outbreak, Michala Hrnčiarová opened her second space named Kolabo Coworking at a shopping mall close to Bratislava Airport. Learn more about how they are dealing with Covid-19 crisis in the following interview.


Main takeaways

The highlights of our conversation with Michala Hrnčiarová are summarised below:

  • 2020 seemed like a great year for Michala and her two coworking spaces in Bratislava: “It was the best time ever. Occupancy was at it highest level. Our pipe: full of requests. Then the crisis came and everything suddenly stopped. We really feared we couldn’t recover from it”.
  • Michala is optimistic at the moment: “Over the last weeks the activity picked up again. Occupancy levels are higher and we see very promising leads“, she affirms.
  • She is also very positive when she thinks about the future: “We are confident that the situation could end up being better than before the crisis“.
  • According to Michaela: “The shift towards workspace flexibility is an important driver of change now that companies experienced remote working and employees the limitations of home-working”.
  • Regarding coworking in shopping malls, Michaela thinks that the market will evolve towards a reality where shopping centres diversify and include more coworking services within their walls. “They came to us”, remembers Michala.

Watch the full video conversation with Michala Hrnčiarová below.

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