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Coworking industry raises close to 1 Billion USD within the last year

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Business, Real Estate | 0 comments

The rapid growth of coworking spaces around the world has redefined how we work. But there is one glaring question: is this workplace model sustainable?

Today there are around close to 6,000 spaces worldwide. Yet the coworking movement is still in a stage of maturation, making financial independence a lingering issue for many spaces. That being said, the line between old and new economic practices is growing thinner as high net worth companies are starting to see coworking as more than just open space, filled with secondhand furniture and individuals who can’t seem to get a job, but rather as a worthwhile investment.

The last 12 months have been proof, as coworking space operators have raised almost 1 billion USD, with a big part of that money going to coworking champions, WeWork.

Coworking Starts to See Big Money

Funds Raised by Coworking Spaces in Recent Months:

Country Space Amount raised within the last year
USA We Work 355 Million USD + 433.9 Million USD= 788.9 Million USD
USA NeueHouse 25 Million USD
USA AlleyNYC 16 Million USD
USA Galvanize 18 Million USD
USA Cove 2.8 Million USD
USA Uber Offices 14 Million USD
France Remix 1 Million Euro
Italy Talent Garden 1 Million Euro
Singapore HUB Singapore 1.1 Million USD


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