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“Companies will start to see the coworking model as their best insurance policy” – Adam Lis (JLL Poland)

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Coworking, Podcast, Teleworking | 0 comments

Adam Lis is a real estate professional, flex office and coworking expert. He works as a Flexible Office Solutions Manager at JLL Poland. Previously, he had been active as Head of Growth and General Manager at Brain Embassy, a coworking space operator in Warsaw. As he perfectly knows both worlds, we have interviewed Adam to find out more about his thoughts regarding the current Covid-19 situation and the future of the workplace as he imagines it.


Main takeaways

According to Adam Lis, and due to the coronavirus crisis, this is what to expect:

  • Companies will acknowledge the value of the coworking subscription model the same way they understand the value of paying a premium for an insurance.
  • Overall, the flex workplace model will take more ground after the crisis.
  • The price war between coworking operators in more competitive environments, such in big cities like Warsaw – and likely elsewhere in Europe – will end. The demand will rise as the tenant will also ask, most probably, for a wider surface per member.
  • Coworking operators could offset the decrease in attendance by a higher price per desk explained by the physical distancing needed at least in the first months after the lockdown.
  • In general, the coworking model will likely take a bigger slice of the office market, also in smaller cities.

Find below the podcast version of the interview. · Adam Lis (JLL Poland): “Employers will see the coworking model as their best insurance policy”


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