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China and South Korea are seeing the end of Covid-19 crisis; what do coworking operators say about it? – Video Panel

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Coworking, Impact, Podcast | 0 comments


China and South Korea are slowly seeing the end of the Covid-19 crisis. Both countries are releasing the pressure and steadily allowing people to get back to their regular jobs. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is in the middle of the pandemic wondering how long this craze will last.

We wanted to hear some local coworking voices and know more about:

  1. How the coworking industry experienced the containment?
  2. How is the situation for coworking operators now in China and S-Korea?

The panel discussion, co-organized by and GCUC, brought in the conversation 5 professionals of the Asian coworking sector to get a clearer image of what has happened and its effects in the industry.



Panelists taking part in the online discussion

Some key topics covered at the panel

  • Did they manage to retain their members?
  • What are landlords proposing?
  • Is the meeting rooms booking business back on track?
  • How about protection equipment within coworking spaces?
  • Will companies and real estate property owners embrace the flex workspace model further?
  • How does the future of coworking spaces look like in Asia?

Click the video above to watch the full conversation.

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