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“We will make 80 railway stations coworking enabled in Switzerland”

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Coworking, Impact, Podcast, Rural coworking, Teleworking | 0 comments

Jenny Schäpper is the co-founder of VillageOffice, a cooperative gathering 72 coworking spaces all over Switzerland. VillageOffice promotes new forms of work and is building a nationwide network of VillageOffice coworking spaces. As a cooperative, they build bridges between municipalities, businesses, real estate owners and coworkers. Their vision: by 2030, every person in Switzerland will reach the next coworking space within 15 minutes. The idea behind: this will relieve the traffic infrastructure and strengthen local businesses while improving the quality of life by shortening the commuting distance. Learn more about VillageOffice in the following interview!


Main takeaways

The highlights from our conversation with Jenny Schäpper are summarised below:

  • VillageOffice signed up a deal with the Swiss Railway company to make 80 railway station coworking enabled.
  • VillageOffice will work closely with local coworking operators to deliver this mission. The goal is to increase the coworking offering in smaller town and remote areas.
  • Coworking Switzerland also achieved to get the consensus from all political parties in Bern to support the opening up of a total of 100.000 coworking spaces in the country in the upcoming future.
  • Public-private partnerships could be the way to follow.
  • The Swiss Federal government wants to embrace the new distributed working model and relocate jobs outside big cities.

Watch the full video conversation with Jenny Schäpper below.

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