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“With 70 locations, we are today one of the biggest European coworking players”

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Roksana Witusinski is the PR and Communications Manager of the group Rent24, today one of the biggest Europe based coworking operators. Founded in 2015 in Berlin, the company operates 70 locations on the continent but also in Israel and the US. Rent24 managed to provide services to around 35.000 members in just 5 years. Learn more about the Rent24 group in this interview with Roksana Witusinski.

Main takeaways

The highlights from our conversation are summarised below:

  • Rent24 cultivates the idea of mixing freelancers, corporates and startups: “Big players like to be close to startups to have the innovation and new ideas. Startups can learn from big players. We see the exchange of ideas is very good for both sides”.
  • The company have partnership with some major corporations such as the German insurance group Allianz.
  • The company grew rapidly thanks to organic and external growth operations.
  • Every space is designed individually but some elements are the same; people realise the design is from Rent24: “We have an internal design team that designs each space individually”.
  • Rent24 has a very positive experience with mergers: “Even if we take over a company, we keep the local team: they know best what the community wants, they know the market, etc. They have the local expertise and we have the global approach, so we can both help each other. Through phone calls, technology, is very easy to catch up to see what we can do from where we are”.
  • Rent24 chooses to go for an international development rather than to focus on the German home market only.
  • Due to Covid-19, Rent24 is not signing new contracts now but they are sure they will expand when the situation gets better. At the moment, they are busy planning the opening of a gigantic 9.000 sqm space in the western part of Berlin.
  • Rent24 also opened locations in smaller cities in the country such as Bremen: “We are having very good feedback. There are lots of startups and innovation teams who are happy to be connected and have a space there”.
  • Rent24 is feeling the wind of change in the workplace market and believes satellite working will become more and more popular. 
  • In the same direction, Roksana expects the demand of space for smaller teams will grow.
  • During Covid-19 crisis people adapted to remote working. Rent24 is optimistic regarding what’s to come: “We are very positive and enthusiastic about the future because it is going to a very good direction for us and the sector“.

Watch the full video conversation with Roksana Witusinski below.

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