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11 business tips for Coworking Spaces to handle the end of the lockdown

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Business Operations, Coworking, Creativity | 0 comments

We had the pleasure and honor, as, to facilitate a virtual unconference session on Marketing produced by our partners and friends from GCUC.

The virtual unconference gathered representatives from coworking space operators located in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, North Carolina, as well as Northern Ireland and even India.

Here is a list if 11 business tips that were shared during the conversation and which can help independent or non independent coworking spaces in their re-opening and re-boosting process:

“Keep the same price but offer additional perks

“We ask our member a small extra for the additional cleaning costs, the dog basket, reduced meeting rooms’ size, hoodies, etc.”

“In our India located space, we simply have temporarily cut the hot desking possibilities

“If you get a grant from the authority, you can impact it back to your members

“We created virtual membership possibilities for those who have lost their job, so we keep them involved in the community, while waiting for them to come back”

“Would your local government support a plan to subsidize initiatives reducing carbon footprint locally, as a coworking space you should definitely apply for it, showing them that local coworking solutions helps with reducing the commuting time, traffic, carbon emissions, promote the new lifestyle and demonstrate you are an important piece in the puzzle”

“Create a pack with a one pager to convince the employer of the advantage for their staff to work from a coworking space nearby, and agree to pay for the subscription as a well thought investment in its talents and workforce. Good to use or produce case studies video on that too”

“Shall you target HR people in companies? It’s a too long shot. Better create a form and a FAQ dedicated to the decision maker within the company that the employee can use to sell the idea internally. To be allowed to work from a coworking space nearby has to be seen as a recruitment argument too”

Register on wholesale platforms. Some of them have now ready to use contracts for companies, big or small. They can become your sales agent and involve you in multi-spaces packages”

Call your meeting room: Zoom room, like The Office Group in London does”

Consider new kind of profiles, such as teachers and trainers who need proper environment to record their online content and courses”

The conclusion of the unconference session was that a lot of opportunities are there for coworking spaces to take it.

Creativity will pay off. This is also what will be covered at the upcoming Coworking Europe 2020 conference to take place in Vienna on November 25-27th.


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