Exclusive Study – Who owns the coworking industry in Europe?

by Coworking Europe

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The first ever analysis of Europe’s coworking chains capital structure

This report by Socialworkplaces.com shines some light on the current market structure in Europe of the coworking industry and who owns what in this fragmented market.

The report looks at different structural metrics within 11 European markets in order to describe market maturity and growth potentials on the continent.


Main addressed points:

  • How many coworking chains (brands with at least 4 locations) are active in each European country?
  • Where does funding for coworking spaces come form in different market? (Private Equity, Landlords, VC money, founders, public…)?
  • How do different markets compare in coworking locations per population?
  • Who owns the national markets, National or International players?
  • How do coworking chains and independant small players share the markets?
  • and more

This study is unique internationally and is the first ever made on that scale ever.

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Exclusive Study – Who owns the coworking industry in Europe?


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