EXPLORE Scoping Support

by Coworking Accelerator

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Turn your collaborative coworking vision into reality effectively and efficiently with 6-18 months of expert support and guidance.

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EXPLORE Scoping Support


Over a 6 to 18 month period, we will personally facilitate you and your team through the process of analysing and refining your vision, understanding your market, developing concrete plans and building your capacity to deliver.

We will share with you many of the critical factors which make up a successful coworking business with collaboration and people at its core. We will also provide a number of detailed templates for space and capacity analysis, business planning and budgeting.

Learn from experts, efficiently and effectively turn your vision into reality, and significantly reduce business risks and costs.

EXPLORE Scoping Support is delivered on–site and/or remotely.


The workplace is changing.

Let’s shape the future of the workplace together!


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