Coworking Roaming Pass (1 location)

  • Expand your coworking services beyond your own locations.

  • Become a gateway to a network of dozens of other spaces.

  • Sell Meeting Rooms and Day Passes anywhere.

  • Increase revenues, outreach and customer satisfaction

  • Easy to find, easy to use.

3,00 exl. VAT / Months / day

Coworking Roaming Pass (1 location)


What is the Coworking Roaming Pass ?


The Coworking Roaming Pass is put in place and operated in partnership with the Nearworking platform.


The platform is user friendly and geo-localization enabled.


It allows individual users to find a meeting room or a work spot on-demand close-by.


  • Gateway to a global network of Coworking spaces:

As a Coworking Roaming Pass provider, you can offer your members access to coworking spaces in cities and regions where you don't directly operate a location. This allows your members to work from any participating coworking space, giving them the flexibility they need to work effectively, wherever they are.


  • Increase your revenues as a Roaming credits reseller:

Purchase credits from the Nearworking platform at a wholesale price and resell them to your members for a profit. Your members can use these credits to book coworking days or meeting rooms at any participating coworking space.


  • Expand your product offering and customer outreach:

Add the Coworking Roaming Pass to your list of available products, providing an additional service to your members and a new revenue stream for your business. The Roaming credits can be added as a regular new product on any space management system.


  • Join the Nearworking network:

As a member of the Nearworking network, you can host members from other coworking spaces who have subscribed to the Coworking Roaming Pass. This can increase the utilization of your space and provide additional networking opportunities for your members. You generate additional revenues and can promote your operations underlining the fact you make part of a broader network of accessible spaces.


How does it work ?


1/ Subscribe to the Coworking Roaming Pass: Pay the monthly subscription fee to become a Coworking Roaming Pass provider.


2/ Purchase wholesale credits: Once you confirmed your subscription, you receive a special wholesaler code and buy credits on the Nearworking platform at a wholesale price for members who wish to use the roaming coworking service.


3/ Resell credits at face price to your members: Sell these credits to your members who wish to use coworking services in other cities or regions where you have no operated locations. You can simply add the amount of purchased credits on your member monthly invoice each time they want to load their credits wallet.


4/ Expand your services: Add the Coworking Roaming Pass to your list of available products. You can easily add the product (roaming credits) in your list


5/ Create your space profile, configure your products and set your prices on the platform: You are reseller but you also can become a host for third party coworking spaces' customers. Joining the Nearworking network means you can upload your space on the platform and become yourself usable for other space's members. You can add Coworking day passes on demand as well as your meeting rooms and the extra's that are upsold with it, such as coffee break, equipment or food. You set the price of the service the way you want.


6/ Become one-stop-shop "roamable" operator for all your products. Once your space profile is created with your different product, in the different locations you potentially operate, it can easily be found by users. They can simply check in on the spot, through scanning a QR code, or book the space in advance. You set your own rule and communicate about it your way on the platform.


Expand your coworking services and provide your members with the flexibility they need with the Coworking Roaming Pass.


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