SocialWorkplaces.com complies to the European GDPR rules


  • Who is collecting the data? 

SocialWorkplaces.com collects contact details through our event registration forms, the data left in exchange for the download of surveys, the registration to our different newsletters, as well as through a transparent traditional personal conversation process  Cookies can also give access to some information about your website visits. 

  • What data is being collected?

Via the event registration form, we will ask you about your first name, surname, company, email address, country and industry you are active in. The sponsorship form and the newsletter registration forms tell us only about your name, organisation and email address. The Cookies and social media actions might tell us general information about the web browser you use, at what time you visited the website, how long you stayed.

  • I’m receiving direct email communication from you. How did you get my contact details and my consent?

We have been active since 2010. During all these years, while we were developing our activities, we have had access to contact details  and permissions through different channels, including: direct email or phone conversations, online information requests via our different websites, registration to our newsletters, download of research papers, documents, surveys, registration to one of the many events we have been organizing since 2010 around the world. Our mailing system keeps track of the approvals, including the day and the hour we received it. An “unsubscribe” button is clickable under all our mailings, would you like to stop receiving inbound communication from us, anytime.

  • What is the basis for processing the data?

Data are kept inside the SocialWorkplaces.com organisation and secured. No data are sold. 

  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?

Not in principles. Only actions (such as a contest, for instance) with partners, requiring a partner to be involved in an action undertaken with our network of contacts, might offer a temporary access to some of our date, however under our supervision and with strict restrictions protecting privacy and the EU legal framework. 

  • How will the information be used?

The information is used to keep you informed about our news and actions, to provide you with practical information about the upcoming events and our other actions. The data are also used internally for statistical analysis.

  • How long will the data be stored for?

As long as SocialWorkplaces.com exists. 

Valid for the Coworking Europe conference website and other conferences managed by SocialWorkplaces.com


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