You are interested in acquiring a Coworking?

There are many reasons why buying an existing Coworking space can be a good option to grow. Speed, getting the right real estate and gaining know-how are only some of them. There are over 20.000 coworking spaces in Europe. Identifying, finding and approaching the right target can be a challenging task while running your business as usual.

We will help you to

  • Carve out your strength, interests, strategical advantages and financial capabilities
  • Understand the market that you want to grow in
  • Determine the right target segment for you.

We will then create a shortlist of possible candidates for you which we approach without revealing your identity for maximum confidentiality. We have a huge database and network to tap into to make this step as fast as possible. During the whole process we will be ready to help you with valuations, operational and strategic questions and much more.

If that sounds interesting to you, get in touch with us now!

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